Alot of people need their coffee on a Friday morning before Christmas!I used up the very last of my 'invisible elf dust' to take a ride with 2K this morning and wouldn't ya know, her first stop...Dunkin Donuts.  Boy, she really likes this place.  Brandy, the morning waking pooch is sitting on the passenger seat waiting for her treat.  The Dunkin Donuts that we're at gives Brandy a free plain munchkin.  Wow, what a lucky dog. If only I didn't use all the 'invisible elf dust,' I could be enjoying a munchkin right now.  But, the more I think of it, an elf eating a munchkin just sounds weird!  Oh well, where do you think Karen is off to next?  I noticed she has a list of 'to do' items she needs to check off today.  Who knows where we'll end up!

Sitting On The Dashboard At Dunkins