We went back to the 90's this morning.

The 90's

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Whether it was a favorite TV show, a 90's fashion staple, a childhood toy or Garth Brooks! We spent the morning reminiscing about the 1990's during The Morning Waking Crew. Make sure to check out our Facebook page and see what some of our listeners thought were the best things to come out of the 90's.


Sunny to start, afternoon clouds, high 89.


Death toll keeps rising in Italy
Round-the-clock rescue efforts continue in central Italy, where an earthquake has claimed at least 247 lives. Firefighters and rescue crews using their bare hands have been pulling chunks of cement, rock and metal apart from mounds of rubble where homes once stood, searching for signs of life.

Bridge closes for good
After 76 years, the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge is now permanently closed to traffic. The decision to close the bridge that carried vehicles between Portsmouth and Kittery was announced yesterday. This, after the most recent malfunction of the bridge this past weekend. The new Rt.1 bypass bridge is scheduled to be open to traffic in September 2017.

Wake Up Winning

Tickets to the Lancaster Fair, a Labor Day tradition, September 1-5th.