I've been getting up at the crack of "O'dark Thirty" for many years and I can't even imagine what kind of mood I'd be in without my Dunkin Donuts coffee!The weird thing is I don't drink caffeinated joe like the majority of humans!  I go for either decaf or half decaf and half-caf.  My family and friends are always asking me "What's the point?"  I'm sure some of it is just in my mind, but I know there is a trace amount of caffeine in decaf coffee, so that's how I rationalize getting decaf coffee so early in the morning.  And, if you're a frequent listener to The Morning Waking Crew, then you know how I act when I accidentally drink a large coffee, fully caffeinated!  Let's just say, Mark has his finger on the 'Big Red Button' to shut my microphone off at any given moment!  So, whatever type of java you drink, hopefully, you're enjoying it while listening to The Morning Waking Crew on WOKQ.   By the way, my favorite is Dunkin Donuts Caramel Swirl Decaff (with extra caramel swirl, of course!)