We joked on Friday morning about my weekend. It happens every now and again that one event slides into another and things get a little busy. I say that with a bit of a wink because let's face it, what I do isn't all that hard. Most of the time I show up, somebody hands me a microphone or clips one onto my shirt, I wait for somebody to tell me to go and I start talking.

Essentially, that's what I did all weekend. People I encountered remarked on how crazy my schedule can get and when that happens I try to keep something in mind.

Twice this weekend I hosted the NHPTV Spring Auction. This is a 10 night undertaking that involves about 150 volunteers each night. These folks are taking calls, doing data entry, moving cameras and equipment around, making television and doing math. In other words... Work! I stroll in, read a bunch of cards and have a little fun on TV. Everyone around me is there doing all the tough stuff to make the auction go. And they do it because if somebody doesn't do it, there might not be any public TV in New Hampshire.

This past weekend I also once again had the honor of announcing names of those crossing the finish line at the Chief Michael Maloney Unity Run and Walk. This event required dozens of volunteers to make it all happen, massive coordination and time donated by several law enforcement, fire and public safety outlets, not to mention the approximately 1000 participants who went 10K on foot from the Stratham Police Department to the Greenland Police Department. All I did was drive betweEn those two points, and even at that they had a really good parking space for me.

In between those events Karen and I managed to help New Hampshire Motor Speedway find a new crop of Speedway Stars to assist with National Anthem duties this season at the Magic Mile.

Bottom line is this... A lot of really great people did some wonderful things this weekend that they, and we, should all be very proud of. I was pretty much just along for the ride for most of it. So if you ever hear me griping about my crazy schedule, feeL free to ask me where I parked, if I had to do any math or did any heavy lifting!