Angelique Arsenault and her wedding party were stranded on a rural road in Brookline, NH when her limousine got a flat tire!  So she did what any bride would do on her wedding day. She took charge!

Angelique Arsenault

A wedding day is hectic enough with all it's moving parts, and when one part stops moving, let's say your TRANSPORTATION, then you do what you need to do to get hitched.  First, you "hitch" a ride with a stranger.

The wedding ceremony and the groom were about seven miles away from where the limo broke down, so Angela and the girls grabbed glasses of champagne and set off on this amazing hitchhiking journey to The Mile Away where the ceremony and reception were scheduled.

“It is going to be a story we’ll remember forever,” Arsenault told CBS Boston.


The Mile Away

She added that cars would drive by and take pictures, but it took a little while before a car actually stopped to help.

Katie Queen