The now infamous ring fail that we saw in America looked different on Russian TV.

NBC News reported over the weekend on the opening ceremony.  They say that many of the visual effects of the opening ceremonies were achieved with totally new technology.  A combination of moving parts above the arena coupled with 60 projectors on each side of the venue.  The moving parts and the 120 projectors are all synchronized... For the most part.  What Americans saw on TV was one of the snowflakes failing to transform into an Olympic Ring.  According to the NBC report, Rossiya 1, the official Russian broadcast home of the Olympics had rehearsal footage from a previous day.  When it became apparent that the fifth ring wasn't going to function properly, they cut away to the rehearsal footage of the rings forming and then went back to the live coverage.  There's an internet rumor flying around this morning that the person responsible for "ring-gate" has been found dead in Sochi. The viral story even gives the guy a name... Boris Avdeyev. So far, this appears to be pure BS. While we don't know who the responsible party is, I'm pretty sure by now they've been found and are probably alive and well. Though Vladimir Putin may send them to someplace very cold and lonely... And probably with no wi-fi!