It's Cyber Monday which means the holiday-induced shopping frenzy isn't quite over!

This is the day to do all of your shopping on line.  Like most folks you probably didn't take the day off from work to acomplish this, so many folks will be "stealth-clicking" at work today.  For me, the most convenient advancement is also my kryptonite... The Amazon One Click.  Once you set this thing up, you can be browsing, see something you like, and on the right side of the screen is a little blue and gold butoon beckoning you... Just click it once and the item is on it's way.  The amazing one-click knows your credit card info, your address, your preferred method of shipping and I assume it knows if you're wearing boxers or briefs. Especially if you bought those boxers of briefs from Amazon! If you caught "60 Minutes" over the weekend after football on CBS you saw the Amazon is working on "delivery-by-drone".  Honest.  They say within the next several years you'll be able to order an item from Amazon, and a robotic drone will fly the item to your Google-Earth provided address within hours.  I'm not sure at what point the FAA will start having to track these delivery drones, but suffice it to say the airspace over your house is just a few years away from looking like Logan Airport the day before a holiday.  For perspective, the in-store sales for Black Friday were between $11 and $12 billion.  Cyber Monday is considered a home run if it gets anywhere near $2 billion.  Happy Clicking!