Many of us had that one job that we just couldn't handle for more than an 8 hour shift. Mine was Brigham's!It was to be my very first job.  A mere 15 minute walk from my house.  The job itself wasn't bad.  Being surrounded by ice cream in the summertime isn't a bad thing.  The uniform...that's another story.  I was sixteen-years-old and mortified that I had to wear a brown and orange polyester dress.  It was just too much for me to handle!  So I came home and told my mother I had quit.  In what I call a 'teachable moment,' my mom wanted to teach me to respect others, so she made me return the uniform the very next day, along with an apology.  Lesson learned. I learned from that moment on, make sure you like the uniform you'll have to wear or find a job where you can wear your own clothes!


Sunny, warm and humid with a high of 89.  Partly sunny in the North Country and 88.

Happy Canada Day 2014

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It's Canada Day, so a special shout out to those north of the border listening on 103.7!

Trivia Tuesday

Can you guess the late-great country legend just by the boots?

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(scroll down for the answer)

Top News Stories

Tropical Depression Could Become Named Storm
The National Hurricane Center says gradual strengthening could turn a tropical depression off the coast of Florida into the first named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season sometime today.

Gas/Diesel Taxes Increase
Overnight, New Hampshire's gas and diesel taxes have gone up by 4 cents a gallon. The tax initially will fund highway improvements and then will help pay off $200 million in borrowing to finish expansion of I-93. Once that debt is paid off, the tax increase would expire.

Judge Allows Most Statements At Murder Trail
A judge has ruled most statements made to police by a Lewiston, Maine man charged with killing another man will be allowed at trial. Police say 26-year-old Michael McNaughton strangled 20-year-old Romeo Parent in a wooded area of Greene in April 2013 with a garrote fashioned from a bicycle cable. His trial is scheduled to start next week.

Stupid News

If you're child of the '80's or '90's, you remember the Trapper Keeper.  Well it's making a comeback...sort of.  The Trapper Keeper is coming back as a universal tablet holder.

Joke du Jour

The following are definitions...listen carefully:
...what a bullfighter tries to do
...the act of burning your mortgage
...what a crook sees with

Coming Up Wednesday

What is/was the most expensive thing he/she bought and never used?  Could be worth a pair of tickets to this show!

Trivia Tuesday

If you guessed the "Possum," you're right!

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