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Another Sign You’re Getting Older
Each day before on-air, there's plenty of behind the scenes work. In my case, it's production. For the most part, my eyesight has always been fine, and the DMV hasn't told me different. However, reading orders, and fonts of other things lead me to a life moment today.
Rare Snow Fall Hits New Hampshire Mountain
While many of us had a front row seat for a thunderstorm or three, snow fell elsewhere in the Granite State.
That's right, Mt. Washington received moderate snow last night. So, even if it seems summer lasted a little longer this year, we're not far from the white stuff...
New England Going On Puerto Rico Time?
The Eastern time zone is what we know, but what if it changed?
A commission is studying the possibility of moving Massachusetts from the Eastern time zone to the Atlantic time zone, currently home to Puerto Rico and a number of eastern Canadian provinces, the Wall Street Journal reports...
“Pipe down” In Portsmouth
The freedom of the open road is one thing, but revving through the Sagamore neighborhood after 2am is going to cause a problem. This is according to recent complaints.
Charles Fleck spoke during the public comment portion of Tuesday’s Police Commission meeting...

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