If you're looking for the perfect date night, might I suggest bringing your significant other to the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom Friday night to see Chris Young. 

Many would argue a lot of country music today is a mix of country and pop.  Well, I can honestly tell you if you are a true country music fan, Chris Young is not pop.  He is pure country.

I'm a huge fan of artists who have a true talent. If they can sing live and sound like they do on a record, they have my utmost respect.This is the case with Chris Young. If you're trying to figure out your Friday date night, you should get your tickets now. Ladies, if you're looking for a fun night out with friends, what's better than dishing with the girls, having a few cocktails and listening to great country music!

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Tonight, Mark and I will be at the Rochester Fair for 'WOKQ Night.'  They're not telling us exactly what we're doing, which kind of frightens me.  You may remember, last year, a cow crashed into my Prius.

Check out Mark's story. (by the way, my Prius is staying home tonight!)


Becoming partly sunny and 68. Some afternoon sun possible for the North Country and 61.

Top News Stories

Senate hearing on Islamic State plans
Top U.S. military officials are scheduled to appear today before the Senate Armed Services Committee in hopes of giving lawmakers a better feel for the President Obama's strategy to combat Islamic State extremists in Iraq and Syria.

Fire in Derry
A three-alarm fire destroyed four businesses in Derry. Firefighters battled the blaze at an industrial complex on the corner of Maple and Elm streets last night.  Investigators are trying to determine the cause of the fire.

AG's office aware of incident Involving Weare PD
The state attorney general's office says it's aware of an incident involving the new chief of the troubled Weare Police Department. Associate Attorney General Jane Young says she became aware of the incident involving Chief John Velleca yesterday. She did not provide specifics. Velleca took over the department last year after the fatal shooting of a suspect.

Stupid News

When you set up your wireless router or mobile wifi hotspot, you have the option to pick the name that's broadcast. Probably not the smartest idea to name it 'bomb on board.' But, that's exactly what one passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight did.  He was detained.

Joke du Jour

Donny, how can one person make so many mistakes in one day?
"Easy teacher, I get up early!"
Oh teacher, would you punish me for something I didn't do?
"Of course not."
Good!  Because I didn't do my homework!"

Coming Up Wednesday

We'll chat with Chris Young about his upcoming show at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom.

credit Getty Images, Rick Diamond

Plus, we'll be giving away another pair of tickets to his Friday night show.