Have you ever perused New Hampshire's "missed connections" section of Craigslist? I am not going to lie to you, when I started doing this I expected to be thoroughly creeped out. But to my surprise what I found was very sweet and genuine.

These people just want to find their missed connection so their love story can begin. And call me a hopeless romantic, but I want that to happen for them too!

I give these folks credit for putting themselves out there in the name of love. If I could be some kind of missed connection matchmaker as a side gig, it would bring me a great deal of satisfaction.

Here are some of my favorite missed connections:

Subject: What kind of shoes and so on - w4m (Only you...) 

This has never happened to me before... If you are out there my wise Wwise one please let's drop the masquerade !If you love me which in my eyes has been obvious for sometime Lets do this! My love! FOR REAL! I am dead serious!!!please come see me!! Red BOXCAR???

This confuses me but if it sounds intriguing to you..

Subject: Biker on his way to swap meet - w4m (swanzey)

I should have parked my car and jumped on with you! Give me some detail so I know its you if you reply.

Are you the biker of her dreams?

Subject: Gorgeous toll booth attendant - w4m (Hampton)

I'm hoping that you see this or someone who knows this delicious man sees this. I went through the toll plaza in Hampton early on Friday afternoon and was shockingly surprised that as I rolled up to pay the toll that the attendant wasn't some old hag. This man had the most amazing smile, eyes, tattoos on both arms, probably around early 30's. The body looked pretty incredible too. My God when did they start hiring GQ models to collect toll money?! Please if it's you I'm describing write me back. I wanna eat you up. You are a scrumptiously yummy man.

If you are a scrumptiously yummy toll booth attendant..

Subject: You repaired my cellular device =] - w4m (Manchester)

Ello sir,

I think you are one of the most interesting people I've ever ran into in real life. I enjoyed talking to you very much and I loved hearing about how much passion you have for your work.

Sadly I didn't catch your name, otherwise I'd reach out to you via Facebook and not here, where the chances of you messaging me are VERY slim. But I had to try ^.^

If you recently had a pretty good conversation with a girl who's phone she asked you to repair, please message me! Cause I may be that girl and you may be the guy I'm looking for .

Title your email with the place where we met and in the body please tell me what you remember from our convo. If you're good enough you'd know my favorite color, I think I know yours haha

Well that is just too sweet. Love at first iPhone repair.

If you are the tech savy stud of her dreams..

Subject: Lonesome Lake Cutie - w4m (Franconia Notch)

I was just finishing the hike entering the campground and you were just starting.. hiking alone with your dog. I spent more time checking out your dog then you but when i caught your eye I got butterflies!! I wish I stopped to chat... this is a long shot but let's see !

If you and your dog are known to give ladies butterflies..

If you need me I am going to be driving around searching for hunky toll booth attendants and phone repair dudes. I WILL connect these missed connections if it's the last thing I do.

And I suppose you would feel pretty cool if you are one of these missed connections..