Last Friday I got the mail when I came home and found a reimbursement check from one of my utility providers. It was a check for three cents! That's .03 in pennies. Considering the fact that postage was .48 cents, I'd say they lost money on this one. Which brings me to my little pet peeve. I have no use for pennies whatsoever! We live in an economy where pennies are worthless clutter I'd rather do without. I'd rather prices be rounded up to the nearest nickel rather than sort through the pennies in my pocket. To the chagrin of many who witnessed it, I used to throw pennies into the thrash at one time. I've since changed my ways and toss them into a penny jar in my office. Round up all of the pennies out there, donate them to the deficit or a charitable organization and de-clutter your pockets. Just putting my two cents in!