Here's the deal... I won't get into the technical mumbo-jumbo, but doing any kind of "delay" on TV programs is a lot more complicated than doing it on the radio.

Is the "Morning Waking Crew" broadcast on a delay?  You betcha!  I've got a lovely red button with the word "Dump" on it and we use it every now and again.  But for TV it's an infinitely more complicated process and most TV really isn't on delay.  That's why the internet is littered with videos of people acting like idiots in the background of TV news live shots.  Most of the time it can't be helped.  Live TV is usually really live, and some people are usually really idiots.  Enter The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore, doing a live shot about the weather in Charleston, South Carolina.  We've talked about Jim on the show before.  He was class mates with our own Mike Geary.  I met him several years ago in Washington, DC.  In person he's not all that tall, but he is a pretty beefy guy.  He also apparently has excellent peripheral vision.  He was on a college campus doing his live shot, so maybe he was expecting some college student foolishness.  He manages to discuss the weather, knee a kid in the groin on live TV, and then wrap up the live shot.  He just made it to the top of my favorite people list!