Where were prizes like this when I was growing up? As a lifelong fan of the Boston Red Sox, I would have emptied the bank account at one point in my life to get a prize like this.


Airbnb.com is offering an overnight stay at Fenway Park on September 2nd. All you have to do is enter their contest through this link and tell them why you deserve this amazing opportunity. Enter before  11:59 p.m. ET on 8/20/15 to get this prize:

Ever wonder what it would be like to sleep in Fenway Park? Imagine walking out of the tunnel in uniform. What does it feel like to take batting practice where Teddy Ballgame and Yaz won the Triple Crown, or play catch where Pedro pitched his way to the Hall of Fame? Your Red Sox dreams can now come true.

I'm wondering exactly where the accommodations are because I was there last weekend for one of the Zac Brown Band shows and didn't notice any hotel rooms added to the park.

On September 2nd, we’re opening our doors for the first-ever sleepover at Fenway Park. Your home for the night includes your very own Green Monster pillow, a luxurious king-size bed with views of our manicured outfield lawns, meals prepared with produce from Fenway Farms, and experiences typically reserved only for players--check out other views of our home by clicking on the photo above. And don’t worry, a 37-foot tall wall provides all the privacy you need.

Since the Bobby Valentine Days the team has sort of fallen out of favor with me, but imagine the experience of staying overnight is one of those experiential fantasy opportunities that any true Red Sox fan would go crazy over.

Don't miss out on the hilarious house rules they posted on the page:

•Do not, under any circumstances, put bloody socks in laundry.
•No horses on the field. (Sorry, Mo.)
•Shaving is optional.
•If the front door is stuck shut, try rotating 180 degrees and then thrusting your whole body forward a la Luis Tiant.
•No cursing.
•Don’t step on the foul line.
•If you choose to use the batting cage, acceptable stances to use include but are not limited to: the Dewey, the Nomah, the Youk and the Teddy.
•4-beer minimum to sit in bleachers.
•If you choose to dance, move like a Wakefield knuckleball.
•Always stay to the left of that pesky foul pole in right field.