I needed a place to stay after the Carrie Underwood show last week in Manchester. Since my parents are Airbnb hosts, I started perousing airbnb.com and stumbled across Sandy's Place.

For those of you not familiar with Airbnb, it is a website where folks rent out either rooms in their home or their entire home. Typically the rates are far cheaper than staying in a hotel.

Judging by Sandy's profile she seemed like a kind soul and her place appeared welcoming, comfortable and clean. (Not to mention VERY affordable) All my criteria was met so I booked a room at Casa De Sandra on the spot. Let me tell you, all those things were true.

She rents out her two rooms upstairs and they are both spacious with comfy beds. (she told me she splurges on the good bedding)

Room #1 

Credit: Airbnb.com

(I stayed in this one)

Room #2

The upstairs has its own full bathroom as well as a little kitchenette area complete with a fridge, appliances and a table and chairs. It's adorable!

Also if the weather is nice you can bring your food to Sandy's outdoor dining area.

Credit: Airbnb.com

Sandy goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable in her home. She even went as far as asking me if I needed anything at the store when she went. What a peach.

For booking inquiries contact Sandy below!