Absolutely! I'm a big believer in snow tires and I'm honestly surprised at how few people use them. Yeah, there is the initial expense but you save tread on your summer tires so you really aren't spending more overall. In my experience, my front wheel drive vehicle with snow tires is far better in cold snowy weather than an all-wheel drive vehicle with so called all-season tires (and an aside: all-wheel drive isn't all wheel stop). Working in radio, snow tires are kind of necessary-- remember the blizzard last year? I still had to come in and without snow tires I doubt I could have. Fun fact: Snow tires are required from December 15th through March 15th for residents of Quebec-- they know a little about snow and ice, so be safe this winter and get those snow tires on. And it is supposed to snow again this weekend, so hurry up!

Getty Images News/Stephen Brashear