I grabbed a bite at a fast food place that has one of the new soda dispensers. Have you seen these things? They are state-of-the-soda-art wicked cool. In this particular case it was a dispenser from the Coca-Cola folks. No more multiple nozzles of fizzy goodness... Now there's just one nozzle, one button and a touch-screen with like a dozen or so choices.

But here's the next big thing in our modern, on-demand, give me what I want right now world... Soda Mash-Ups! I sat there and watched a stream of about 8 different kids with three different groups of adults who stood in front of the machine and would push one soda flavor and put a small amount in their cup, then choose another flavor and add it to the mix. Some kids kept it simple and chose only a couple of flavors, but there were a couple of young mad-scientist types that must've loaded 5 or 6 different flavors into one cup! I have no idea what a "Dr. Fanta-Sprite-Coca-Barq-Cola" tastes like, but these kids do, and apparently like it.

Better yet were some of the adults in the groups. There were several offers of "here, try this" from the kids and most grown-ups politely declined. A couple of the more adventerous ones sampled the carbonated concoctions and responded in such a way that you just know they were reading parenting tips about not quashing a child's creative spirit. I probably wouldn't sample any of these creations... But what do I know, I probably just witnessed the invention of the next Dr. Pepper and didn't even realize it.

Fizzy Fun