The best part of Halloween as a new parent is dressing your kid up in awesome costumes and going trick or treating. Bonus? Stealing candy from a baby is good parenting because most candies present a choking hazard.

Okay, so that didn't come across quite right-- but when you're not even two, it's probably best that Daddy eats those Kit Kats & Reese's Peanut Butter Cups instead. For health reasons, yeah-- that's it. You can, however, share a burrito bowl.

"Arrgh, me diaper is full o' beans!"

Can we all just agree that as far as gourds go, none are cuter than the pumpkin? Sometimes you just need to rock the pumpkin hat...

choo choo train + pumpkin hat = adorable

I think it should be noted that, unlike adults, it is socially acceptable for kids to dress up as crazy as they want most anytime of the year. That Sexy Pickle costume of yours won't play well in April, but a baby dressed like a shark? Absolutely!

Dressed up like a shark in April. Because why not?