Lots of discussion about the alleged "performance artist" who dropped a fake bomb near the Boston Marathon finish line. Does the guy deserve jail time? A huge fine? Psychiatric observation? How about this... A good swift kick to the head. C'mon, you were thinking it too, I just typed what you were thinking.

Check out the video below. Not quite as stupid as the Boston hoax guy, but right up there. A kid tries to take a Vine Selfie with a train going by in the background. Let's break this down...

1- He's trying to take a selfie with a train passing by.

2- He's way too close to the tracks.

3- There's a conductor riding lookout on the front of the engine.

4- The conductor sees what the kid is doing and does what needs to be done by kicking the kid in the head on the way by in an attempt to knock some sense into him!