I've said it here before... I rarely text.I think automated text alerts like weather and traffic info or news bulletins are quite handy. Mostly because you don't need to respond to them.

I will grant you that there are some times and places where texting may be more appropriate than having an audible conversation.

I also know a lot of law enforcement folks and many of them prefer texting to communicate. I text when I have to, but only when I have to.

So I'm at a mall in Massachusetts over the weekend. They have one of those kiosks for chair massage where you're right in the middle of the mall with your face planted in the cushy thing on the chair and someone is massaging you.

Since you can only see the floor you kind of stop caring about the fact that everyone walking by can see you.  It's important to remember that not only can you not see the shoppers, you also can't see the masseuse. As we walked by this place, a customer was in the chair receiving a massage from a young man who was using his elbows to massage and (I assume) hit some key stress-relieving pressure points on this person's back.  But while working the customer with his elbows, the guy had his cell in his hands and was texting away!

I'd show you a picture but because it involved people going about their business I'd have to get clearance from six attorneys.  And I hate talking to lawyers more than I hate texting.