So, just what is a "lake beach?"Mark calls the patch of sand you find at the lake a "lake beach!"  Have you ever heard anyone else call it a "lake beach?"  I think he's just throwing words together.  Anyway, take our impromptu 'Lake or Beach' survey on our Facebook page.

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Mostly sunny today with a high of 81...78 in the North Country

Top News Stories

Kerry Meeting Al-Maliki
Secretary of State John Kerry is urging Iraq's Shiite-led government to give more power to political opponents before a Sunni insurgency seizes more control across the country. Kerry flew into Baghdad today to meet with Iraq's leaders, including Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

Body Found In Maine
Authorities say a young man's body was found stabbed to death in Lebanon, Maine, about 20 miles north from where an 18-year-old man was reported missing Saturday in Madbury. Authorities have not yet confirmed the identity of the victim.

New Dartmouth Sex Assault Policy Takes Effect
Dartmouth College students are beginning their summer term with a new system for handling sexual assaults.Dartmouth is among 55 colleges and universities being investigated by the federal education department for how it handles sexual harassment and assault complaints. Administrators proposed overhauling the school's policy in March and - after months of public comment - the changes took effect last week.

Stupid News

A tourist in Scotland had to be rescued after attempting to climb one of Scotland's highest mountains.  He says he wanted to see snow.  He probably should have chosen more appropriate footwear.  The man was wearing flip flops.

Joke du Jour

A doctor told one of his patients that he had only six months to live.   The doctor suggested the man give away all his possessions, move to a cold-water shack in the backwoods and marry a woman with nine young children.  The man asked why and the doctor said 'because it will be the longest six months of your life!'

Coming Up Tuesday With Mark and 2K

As the morning show was wrapping up this morning, two women came to the front door and asked to use our restroom.  They were on their morning walk and couldn't wait 'till they got home!  So, Tuesday, tell us about 'Strange Places You've Had To Use The Restroom!"