Big Drive Home

Big Drive Home Poll: Is Your Shopping Done Yet?
With Thanksgiving behind us, it's time for everyone is about to make like the new Star Wars trailer, hop into light speed, and join the holiday rush to get your shopping finished. The standard greeting from now on will be "is your shopping done yet"? So let's poll th…
Get The Snow Off Your Car!
I swear I was driving behind this car today. It's a huge pet peeve of mine, people not clearing the snow off their car. Beyond that, it could lead to a pretty hefty fine. How much?
What My 11 Month Old Baby Wants for Christmas
I read this spot on and hysterical viral article about what a ten month old really wants for Christmas, including things like "that hole in the floorboard" and "everybody's eyeglasses." While a fantastic list, it is certainly not complete-- so I give you what…

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