Big Drive Home

Uh-Oh, Roy Found Me!
Dang it!  Roy Sullivan from "The Big Drive Home" spotted me hanging around this afternoon.  I knew I was pushing my luck sneaking in the studio when he wasn't looking.
Et Tu, Jacoby?
Aww, for cryin' out loud. I just said goodbye to Salty, but now news comes that Jacoby Ellsbury is a Yankee? That's a kick in the gut.
Goodbye Salty!
It happens after every season, even those that end with an improbable World Series Championship. I get it. But it still bums me out.
This is Not an Ice Scraper
As we enjoy this mild stretch of weather, let's not forget that several months of cold mornings and frosty windshields lay in wait. Be more prepared than me.
Not the Family Guy Episode You Were Expecting
It can't be, can it?
Like most folks in New England, I completely missed this because I was watching the Pats game at the time and learned of this through Facebook (we're well beyond spoiler alert at this point, no?). In the Family Guy episode on Sunday, Brian Griffin...
Now THAT is a Comeback
Yowzers, I didn't see that coming! In fact, with about two minutes left in the first half I switched away to watch a bit of American Dad and some news. Considered going to bed, which would have been reasonable, but turned back for the start of the second half-- because any team with Tom Br…