Maine Police Go Undercover To Nab Distracted Drivers
The next time you see a panhandler, you may want to take note of the sign.
If drivers are texting, know they are about to get a ticket. This, according to a picture posted on the department's Facebook page shows Deputy Zach Kinderlan holding a sign making drivers aware...
Youth Group Leads Dover In Historic Vote On Raising Smoking Age
The Youth to Youth group might have been turned down at the State level, but it did not stop them from making history in their own backyard.
First reported in, the City Council voted to approve the ordinance change last night, raising the age to legally possess, use and purchase…
Dover Could Raise The Smoking Age To 21 Tonight
The age for smoking may match the drinking age if there's a vote by the Dover City Council tonight.
According to, Dover's City Council is holding a public hearing and a possible vote tonight (Wednesday) on whether to raise the age to 21 years old to possess, use and purchas…

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