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Keith Urban Covers Meat Loaf [VIDEO]
I know that I am considered a young kid by many, but believe it or not the first concert I ever went to was seeing Meat Loaf at the Whittemore Center. I found this video from a few years ago of Keith Urban covering a Meat Loaf song, and it is a must listen.
See Chris Young on Hampton Beach!
We love having singers visit Studio Big. They hang out, chat and give us swag. Sometimes they even take our goodies, say a WOKQ bumper strip. Imagine our excitement when one wound up on a music video!
Ways I Amuse Myself When Marks Away
If you listen to the Morning Waking Crew, you know that Mark Ericson is in Washington DC this week on 'official business!'  So, while he's away, here are just a few things I do to amuse myself.
Cranberry Scented Rubber Gloves
I had a dentist appointment yesterday evening, which is how everyone wants to start their night. When I was sitting in the chair waiting for my cleaning to begin, I saw that their was a box of gloves on the counter.
Black Socks Are Awful!
A couple of weeks ago the Morning Waking Crew was talking about your sports superstitions. I thought I would share mine now because it is not football related. I bet you will never guess what sport my superstition revolves around. It's bowling! Tonight is my league night and I guarantee you wil…

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