Morning Waking Crew

One More To Go!!
Well I just finished the fall semester at UNH, which means I have one more semester to go before I graduate.
It’s Super…Mark?
You know the Morning Waking Crew sure has a really cool office!  Look who I's a bird, it's a's SUPERMARK!
Uh-Oh, Roy Found Me!
Dang it!  Roy Sullivan from "The Big Drive Home" spotted me hanging around this afternoon.  I knew I was pushing my luck sneaking in the studio when he wasn't looking.
Not Exactly Rudolph..
Well, I needed to find a ride to the North Pole last night, so I sprinkled some magic elf dust on Brandy, The Morning Waking Pooch and off we went!
What Could It Be?
Today is my 23rd birthday and surprisingly, the part of my birthday that I am most looking forward to is not the presents. No, I am looking forward to my birthday dinner tonight.
Start Your Weekend Off Right!
There is so much going on this weekend! For more info on that check on these blogs by Mark Jennings and Mark Ericson. But you should start your weekend by tuning in to the Morning Waking Crew Replay!

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