Mount Washington

Avalanche Advisory For Mt. Washington Area
Fresh off a new batch of snow, areas near Mount Washington are under an advisory for potential avalanches, and for those in the area to be aware of the danger.
According to the Mount Washington Avalanche Center, yesterday's snow, which dumped more than a foot in some communities, had not bl…
5 Must-See Places in New Hampshire
Soon some friends of mine will be visiting New Hampshire for the first time. I put it out on our WOKQ Facebook page asking what they need to see and here are some places that were suggested.
A Winter Preview
Karen and I will be hanging with folks at the Epping location of the Stove Shoppe this Saturday from 10 to noon.
Seek the Peak of Mount Washington on Friday
Which one of the following statements about Mount Washington is true? It's home to some of the worst weather in the world; It's home to our north country broadcast signal, 103.7 FM WPKQ; Or, it's home to a weather research facility that is manned year round by a very dedicated staff o…