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Tom Brady: The End is Near But it isn’t Here
Tom Brady is 37 and undeniably no longer in his prime. Sure, the offensive line is brutal, play calling is suspect and the receivers aren't inspiring a great deal of confidence. All this is true-- but what is also true is that Tom Brady in 2014 is not a great quarterback.
New England Patriots Announce 2014 Schedule
The start of the 2014 football season may seem far away when looking at a calendar but it'll be here before you know it. All football fans know little morsels of excitement the NFL feeds us like the schedule announcement, NFL Draft, OTA's, etc.are just getting us closer to kick-off! Here i…
Morning Waking Crew Caption Contest!
Well, we kept the kids late after school today. After the show, Mark, 2K and Timtern stayed for a meeting about improvements to the all new But because of a very busy morning involving traffic accidents and a surprise snowstorm, there wasn't much gas left in the tank.
Saturday Night TV
I just hope the indigestion I have on Sunday morning is due to the fried foods I'll be eating and not a Patriots loss!
A Super Bowl Ad Is How Much??
Super Sunday won't be  here for weeks yet, but the hype over the commercials has already begun. In an interesting move, many companies are once again releasing their Super Bowl commercials ahead of the game to drum up some more buzz about them.

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