Taylor Swift

MWC Daily: Veterans Day Shout-Outs
Make sure you head over to both our Facebook Pages (WOKQ and The Morning Waking Crew) and look for our post on Veterans Day shout-outs. Feel free to add your posts and pictures of family/friends who served or are serving our great country.
New Music Monday: RaeLynn “God Made Girls” [WATCH]
For years, Taylor Swift was the dominant force when it came to female artists in the country music industry. Taylor is now being welcomed into the pop side of the music industry, and there are a lot of singers who would like to replace her as queen of current country music.
Even Mascots Dig Taylor Swift [VIDEO]
You have probably seen the video or listened to 'Shake It Off' by Taylor Swift. You may know that there have been several videos of people dancing to the song that went viral.

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