WOKQ Stormwatch Information Center

My “Blizzard of 2015″ Photo Gallery
The temperatures were in the teens. The wind was howling, and the snow was blowing sideways, but that didn't stop the Morning Waking Crew from manning the WOKQ Stormwatch Information Center, bright and early on Tuesday morning.
Animals Love the Snow; Well Some of Them…[VIDEO]
We are in for a major snow storm tonight and tomorrow. Personally, I don't like the snow, but the animals in this video certainly love it. On a more serious note, stay with WOKQ as we will get you through the storm like we always do. You can keep up with the cancellations with the WOKQ Storm Wa…
Gee, Sorry Mark!
If you're a kid in school, a storm day is cause for celebration. A day off, and in this case an extra 4 days to tack onto holiday vacation. If you work in radio, it's an emergency phone call in the middle of the night.