If you watched the Oscars Sunday night, you saw how stunning "American Hustle" actress Jennifer Lawrence looked.  But, she made more headlines for stumbling on the red carpet.

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She was tripped up by a traffic cone as she exited her limo Sunday night.  It's the second year in a row Jennifer has stumbled at the Academy Awards.  In 2013, she almost face-planted as she made her way on stage.

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Tuesday morning, the Morning Waking Crew will be asking about your 'klutziest' moment?

I've had many, but the one that always pops into my mind is a spring break vacation with all my girlfriends. Luckily, this was before the age of camera phones.  I was the last one to get ready in the hotel room and I told them I would meet them in the lounge.

I was having a fantastic hair day, my make up looked great, I was rockin' a Florida tan and my outfit was slammin'!  I exited the elevator, headed to the lounge and fell down the stairs that brought you to the bar.  Now mind you, my girlfriends were there chatting up a bunch of frat boys while I kissed the carpet.  The carpet by the way, was the only thing I kissed that night!

Leave your comments here about your klutziest moment and we might mention on the air Tuesday morning!