I posted this photo earlier this morning on social media.  Which 'all grown up' member of The Morning Waking Crew do you think this is?He was a child model...

Which member of The Morning Waking Crew was a child model?

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Dinner in the Dark

The New Hampshire Association for the Blind was in Studio Big this morning to promote their upcoming fundraiser.

Mark and I were blindfolded as we attempted to eat a meal. It's was all to bring awareness to daily activities most of us take for granted.  Dinner in the Dark sounds like it's going to be an amazing evening.


Sunny and warm with a high of 90.  Sunshine in the North Country and 87.

Top News Stories

Napa Far From Devastated
Napa officials say the area hit by an earthquake Sunday morning is far from devastated, despite at least a billion dollars in damage. They put the word out at what's normally a busy harvest and tourist period.

Fatal Motorcycle Crash In Barrington
Barrington police are investigating a fatal motorcycle crash. Police say 41-year-old Richard Hunter of Barrington was killed in the accident that happened over the weekend. He was not wearing a helmet.

Former FBI Head Injured In Accident
A former head of the FBI has been seriously injured in a car wreck. Authorities say Louis Freeh was taken by a medical helicopter to a New Hampshire hospital following the crash yesterday in Barnard, Vermont.

Stupid News

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has resulted in an arrest.  A man wanted for two felony convictions posted his video challenge on social media.  He was captured by police.

Joke du Jour

An out of town businessman visited a local barber for a shave.  After suffering several nicks the man finally asked for another razor.  The barber asked why - the businessman said 'Because, I want to be able to defend myself!"

Coming Up Wednesday

We continue our back-to-school week by asking "What Did You Wear To School That Got You In Trouble?"  Plus, another pair of tickets to see...

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Tuesday Trivia Answer

The cute little tyke pictured is none other that...

our very own Meteorologist Rob Carolan!  Rob was a child model and was featured in an Oxydol detergent commercial in the early 70's.  He was very on trend with his fashion!