We all know the opening line of song, "The Sound Of Music...."  "The Hills are alive with the Sound of Music.But Thursday night, The Hills will actually be "LIVE!"  Carrie Underwood will star as Maria in the NBC Live production of 'The Sound of Music!'  (By the way, The Morning Waking Crew will be playing one of Carrie's songs from the soundtrack) There's been alot of social media backlash against Carrie Underwood, critics saying she isn't Julie Andrews and she shouldn't remake a classic into a live event.  Well, here's my two cents.  'The Sound of Music' is a movie I have actually seen and fell in love with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.  My personal opinion is that no one, I don't care who it is, will ever compare to Julie Andrews.

But, Carrie Underwood can match voices with the best of them.  Plus, she has publicly stated she isn't trying to be Julie Andrews in this production.  Julie Andrews herself has said she doesn't mind they're creating a live event around the movie .  So, critics, hush up!  I'll be DVR'ing it and watching it over the weekend.  What are your thoughts - do you think Carrie can 'carry it off?'  Will you be watching?  Let me know!!!!