It just sort of worked out that this morning's topic, ties in with "Throwback Thursday." Judging from some of the items our listeners still have, they should either call 'Pawn Stars' or 'The WOKQ Telephone Flea Market!'I'm not really surprised that a lot of women have kept dolls from their childhood.  There's something special about certain dolls that you just can't let them go.  I know my mother still has a doll in her hope chest that she's had since she was a child.  I can remember Mom taking it out every once in a while and letting me play with it.  The memory that stays with me the most is the smell of cedar on the doll from being kept in the hope chest.

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I know I still have a few of my Barbie's hanging around my mother's house as well.
And, the men weighed in on this topic too.  A few guys, including Bruce in Methuen, Mass are holding onto to their train sets.

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Speaking of nostalgia...

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Today is the LAST DAY to take part in our Batman survey.  If you know anything about Mark Ericson, you know he's a huge Batman fan.  The survey is open until midnight tonight.  We'll have the results of our Batmobile poll on Friday morning's show.

Child And Family Services Of New Hampshire

Kat from CFS was in studio this morning.  Child and Family Services is our "Year of Service" partner for 2014.

May is Foster Care Awareness Month and Foster Parent Appreciation Month.By the way, did you know New Hampshire ranks high among states that are most likely to donate to charities!  Way to go,NH!

Hands-Only CPR

If you have a few minutes and want to learn how to save a life.  I suggest checking out this link. The American Heart Association is offering FREE courses in Hands-Only CPR. I took the class earlier this week and it was informative and a lot of fun.


Meteorologist Rob Carolan says today will be cloudy with scattered showers and 60. Mostly cloudy in the North Country with chance of showers and 59.

Top News Stories

Alleged CA captor expected in court.
A man accused of holding a woman captive for 10 years is expected to make a court appearance today in California. Forty-one-year-old Isidro Garcia is jailed on suspicion of kidnapping, rape and related offenses. Investigators say Garcia drugged and kidnapped a 15-year-old girl and eventually married her and fathered a child with her. Authorities say the woman, who's now 25 years old, contacted police after finding her sister on Facebook.

Hassan To Propose Hiring Freeze
Governor Maggie Hassan is scheduled to present her proposal to freeze hiring, equipment purchases and out-of-state travel. Hassan is set to ask the Fiscal Committee today to approve the freeze, as past governors have done when confronted with potential budget deficits.

More Tourists Expected This Holiday Weekend
Tourism officials estimate about 560,000 out-of-state visitors will arrive during the Memorial Day weekend and spend about $89 million, up by 2 percent from a year ago.

Stupid News

If your car is any newer than 1996, it likely has a data port.  It's the thing that tells the repair shop what's wrong, and it also stores all kinds of data from your speed to other driving habits.  Some insurance companies use the hardware to help set insurance rates. According to the Daily Mail in London, 17-year-old Alex Cooper's Vauxhall Corsa was equipped with just such a device.  It also has a GPS unit which came in handy when the car was stolen.  The best part of the story is while the thief was taking the car on joy rides, he was doing so as a safe driver.  The insurance company says because of said safe driving, Alex's insurance rates might go down.

Joke du Jour

Don, are you familiar with any scientific theories?
"Yes, I know the rings around Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline luggage."
Don, did you hear about the self-help group for people who are compulsive over-talkers?
"Yes, it's called 'on and on..annon!"
Don, how do you make an elephant fly?
"Well, first of all, you start with a huge zipper!"

Coming Up On Friday

Since it's the 'unofficial' start of bbq'ing season. Tell us about weird things you cook on the grill!  Plus, our friend, comedian Jimmy Dunn talks about his new comedy "The McCarthy's" coming to CBS!  So happy and proud of Jimmy.