I am back in Studio Big this morning after having spent most of last week in Washington DC. I managed to work some tourist time into this trip and was able to check out the Spy Museum in our nation's capital. If you have the chance, check it out. To be honest you probably need about three hours to do it right. I had only two but it was still enjoyable.

In addition to all the gadgets and historical spy information, the current exhibition is all about the history of James Bond. Lots of movie memorabilia, photos, props and perhaps best of all. The James Bond Aston-Martin DB5 from 1964... It's on a display platform with all the gadgets activating for display purposes. Sorry, no ejector seat action though.

The Spy Museum is self-guided and while walking through the place I saw a bald gentlemen wearing a black fedora, black trench-coat and carrying a black briefcase. I saw him around several of the displays during my visit and finally as I was exiting the gift shop he was standing near the exit. Frankly, I assumed the guy worked there and was simply part of the ambience. At the exit door I politley asked if I could snap a picture of him and he looked at me quizzically and and asked why. I asked him if he worked there and he said "no" and then turned and walked out the door. I thought about following him for a moment and then realized that I may be stupid, but I'm not that stupid!

Ericson Photo