Food, rides, games, crafts and lots more.  That's what you'll find at this year's Stratham Fair.The 47th Annual Stratham Fair (which we found out this morning actually began as a lobster bake), begins Thursday and will run through Sunday, July 20th.  WOKQ Country Day is Saturday and Mark Ericson will be your host at the David C. Noyes Main Stage. Mark will have the WOKQ prize wheel with him which means, free stuff!


Clouds with occasional sun, maybe a shower or thunderstorm and 84.  Mix of clouds and sun in the North Country, chance of shower or thunderstorm and 82.

Top News Stories

Citigroup Will Pay In Subprime Settlement
Another big bank is agreeing to a settlement over risky mortgages. Citigroup will pay roughly $7 billion to settle an investigation into subprime mortgages, the type that helped fuel the financial crisis. The Justice Department had previously warned that it would sue one of the nation's biggest banks. J.P. Morgan is the only other major U.S. bank to settle so far.

Man Arrested After Striking Trooper Directing Traffic
Police say a man has been accused of driving into the path of two state troopers directing traffic after the New Hampshire Motor Speedway race, striking one of them, then speeding away and hitting another vehicle.Twenty-one-year-old Damian Biron of North Sutton failed to stop Sunday, struck a vehicle, then went south on route 106 before colliding with a pickup. Police said Biron left his truck and tried to flee, but was arrested on several charges including, reckless conduct and disobeying an officer.

Busy Weekend For Mountain Rescues
It's been a busy weekend for rescue crews in New Hampshire's mountains.Fish and Game Department conservation officers responded to three incidents on Saturday on Mount Washington and Mount Lafayette.

Stupid News

According to a Freedom of Information request to the U.K. Driving Standards Agency, the website Metro reports an unidentified London woman has flunked her written test 110 times.

Joke du Jour

A computer salesman died and arrived at the Pearly Gates.  St. Peter tells him he can choose heaven where everyone plays harps and floats around in white robes.  Or, he could choose hell, where there are toga parties, food and wine.  The salesman chooses hell.  When he arrives, there are dozens of demons waiting for him with pitchforks.  The salesman asks the devil about the toga parties, the food and the wine.  The devil says, "Oh, sorry, that's just what we use on the demo tape."

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The Morning Waking Crew has more passes for "Night of Fire"

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