Who doesn't love Wham-O? What is Wham-O you ask? Only the greatest toy company ever. The home of the Hula-Hoop, the Frisbee, the Super Ball and so many more.

I believe every kid at some point has busted something in a house using a Super Ball as accidental artillery.

One of Wham-O's best efforts was the Slip N' Slide. A simple concept really, a long piece of vinyl or plastic or whatever Wham-O made stuff out of. A bunch of holes and a connection for your house garden hose. You would run, take a flying leap onto this thing and slide the distance while getting soaked on a hot Summer's day. Yeah, there wasn't much padding so you were pretty banged up afterwards and rarely did the length of your watery journey match the length of the Slip N' Slide. That meant that once you ran out of slide, you slipped across grass, gravel or the driveway. Ouch.

Now, take the Slip N' Slide concept and crank it up to 11. That's a giant version that hurls you off a 50 foot cliff. Kids, don't try this at home.