The Sculptured Rocks Natural Area in New Hampshire will take your breath away.

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New Hampshire has plenty of beautiful landmarks, but this one might be the most picturesque.

The Sculptured Rocks Natural Area in Groton, New Hampshire is basically our state's grand canyon with beautiful rock formations and water flowing freely.

Sculptured Rocks Natural Area, which spans 272 acres, is a unique example of nature's powerful yet delicate artistry. The Cockermouth River carved a narrow canyon in bedrock on its way to Newfound Lake, beginning as the last ice age drew to a close.

Just look at some of the sights one can see when they visit our "grand canyon."

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Nature used grains of sand suspended in the current to carve the walls of the canyon into curious shapes and create potholes in the bedrock.

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This video will take you on a tour of the area:

Pets are permitted in the park. See the NH State Parks Pets Policy for more information. Sculptured Rocks Natural Area is located at 251 Sculptured Rocks Road in Groton.