If you're like me and have an aversion to feet, especially toes, consider yourself warned.

Weird Strange Things You're Good At

I was surprised how many different things people can do with their feet. Have you ever met anyone who can write with their toes, in cursive nonetheless?  What about picking up different items with their toes? Those are just a couple of examples of what some of our limber listeners can do with their toes. Personally, I just can't deal with feet.

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Okay, I'm starting to gross myself out, so I'm going to stop talking about them. Ewwwww.

Chris, lives in Chicago and posted on our Facebook page that he's a juggler who performs at conventions, parties, etc.

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First of all, thanks for listening from 'Chi-town.'  Secondly, juggling is something I've always wanted to learn.  I got a juggling kit when I was a kid, but couldn't master the art, so I gave up.

Congratulations to Joe in Sandown

credit Terry Wyatt

He was the final winner of the week of a pair of tickets to see Travis Tritt at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom!

...To The Bat 'Poll'

If you're like Mark Ericson and you're a fan of 'Batman,' we'd like you to vote which 'Batmobile' you think is the best.

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Voting is open until May 22nd. We'll announce the winner of the best Caped Crusader vehicle during the Morning Waking Crew on Friday, May 23rd.

Hands Only CPR Tour Comes To NH

Have you ever considered learning Hands-Only CPR?  Next week you can thanks to the American Heart Association's free Hands-Only CPR course.  The AHA will be holding the course on May 20th in Portsmouth, May 21st in Manchester, May 22nd in Nashua and May 23rd in Concord.  Click here to reserve your spot.


Some late morning sunshine and a chance of a shower, high 74.  Lost of clouds in the North Country, maybe a shower and 70.  Showers and thunderstorms everywhere tonight. Rob Carolan rated the weekend a *5*

Top News Stories

Cooler Temperatures For San Diego Area
Cooler temperatures are expected today in San Diego, where earlier this week firefighters had been battling nine wildfires. Some of them have been extinguished, but a flare-up yesterday in and around San Marcos prompted officials to send more than 18,000 new evacuation notices.

Police Shoot Stabbing Suspect
The Essex District Attorney says police responding to a domestic violence call in Salisbury fatally shot a man armed with a knife and a machete when he threatened officers who couldn't disarm him. District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett said the 29-year-old suspect allegedly had attacked and seriously injured a man and a woman before police arrived at the Cable Street location Thursday afternoon.

Grave In Colebrook Cemetery, Ransacked
Police are trying to figure out who ransacked the grave of a New Hampshire businessman who died 10 years ago. Police said the grave cement vault was cracked, the casket opened and the remains searched through. The body of Eddie Nash was left intact at the Colebrook cemetery.

Stupid News

A twenty-something man in South Carolina found an old Kevlar bullet proof vest and decided to give it a try.  He asked his friend to shoot him.  Problem was, the friend missed the vest.

Joke du Jour

What goes 'vroom-screech-vroom-screech?'
A blonde driving through a flashing red light!

What do you call an intelligent blonde?
A Golden Retriever!

Why do blondes print the letters T-G-I-F on their shoes?
It means the "toes go in first!"

Coming Up On Monday

It's a 'Mascot Monday!'  Tell us who your favorite mascot is. Plus, Mark and I will check in with RASCAL FLATTS...yup, you heard right, RASCAL FREAKIN' FLATTS!  Hey, go get their new album 'REWIND!"

Major Contest Announcement

Monday morning at 7:20AM...details on how you could win 2014 Harley Davidson Street Glide from your friends at WOKQ and the Harley Davidson Shop of Rochester.

Don't worry, I didn't test ride it