If you live on the Seacoast, you cross over the Little Bay on the Spaulding using the bridge best know as "The General Sullivan".  That's not entirely true and we asked our friend Bill Boynton at the NH Department of Transportation for some clarification.  First up, the actual General Sullivan Bridge is the rusty one no longer open to traffic but still there for walkers and bicyclists.  It was built in 1934 and is the real "General Sullivan."  There are currently two lanes going in each direction that are used by thousands of commuters daily, and you may not know this but those 4 lanes are actually two different bridges!  The two lanes Southbound are the "Eastern Turnpike Bridge" and were built in 1966.  The two lanes Northbound are actually the "Captain John F. Rowe Bridge" which was constructed in 1984.  How does all that new construction that's been going on play into this?  Easy, the two bridges I just named will be connected by a concrete deck and made into one structure that will carry 4 lanes of traffic North.  The new bridge that right now goes nowhere, will be 4 lanes Southbound.  The old General Sullivan will stay right where it is and remain open to foot traffic and bicycles.  Likely this whole thing will simply be called "The Bridges Over Little Bay" unless we just can't break the "Genral Sullivan" habit!