This is always one of our favorite topics on The Morning Waking Crew.  Whenever we come back after a three-day weekend, we like to ask you to describe your three-day weekend in just three words.  It's always fun to hear what you have to say!Three callers described their weekend as 'she said yes!' Congrats to all the happy couples.  Who knew Memorial Day was big for engagements? Judging from a lot of our Facebook posts and callers, it appears many of our listeners imbibed over the weekend. The so-so weather didn't seem to affect the good times had by many of you. Don Briand wanted to share his weekend in three words:

Really Don?  You expect us to believe golf came in third?

I would have to describe my three-day weekend as...'burnt my lip!'


Taste testing penne pasta.  Darn you, Barilla!

Jake Owen Brings Days of Gold To Bank of NH Pavilion

Jake Owen kicks off the 2014 Eastern Propane Concert Series at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion at Meadowbrook this Thursday night!  Jake is bringing his buddies, Eli Young Band and Cadillac Three.

credit Getty Images, Stephen Lovekin

Whatcha Doing This Weekend

Hopefully, we'll see you at one of our events this weekend.  On Saturday, why not join WOKQ's team for the American Heart Associations' Seacoast Heart Walk, we'd love to see you. This is a FREE walk.  We would appreciate your donation, but if you can't donate, don't worry.  Come join the fun!

On Sunday, Mark and I (and Brandy, the Morning Waking Pooch), will be spending the day with the Cocheco Valley Humane Society.  Brandy is a former resident at CVHS and we love to help out whenever we can.  It's going to be a great way to spend a few hours on Sunday and help out animals that need a home.


Cloudy with scattered showers developing and 69.  Scattered showers in the North Country and 65.

Top News Stories

Pope To Meet With Abuse Victims
Pope Francis says his plans to meet with a group of sex abuse victims at the Vatican is part of an effort to "go forward" with "zero tolerance" in confronting and preventing clergy abuse.

Body Found In Little Bay
New Hampshire state police are investigating after a body was found floating in Newington's Little Bay. The body was recovered yesterday. The person's identity and other information was not immediately released.

Meeting To Be Held On Cleaning Up Chlor-Alkali
A public meeting will be held Thursday on cleanup proposals at a former chemical plant. The Chlor-Alkali site in Berlin, is a Superfund site. Federal regulators say elemental mercury and other contaminants are migrating from the site and into the river. The meeting is at the city hall.

Stupid News

Every day, motorists are caught by red light cameras.  But in Marysville, California on Saturday, police say it happened the other way. Nineteen-year-old Manuel Montano Herrera allegedly slammed into a pole with a traffic camera mounted on it.  When cops caught up to him he said he left the scene because he was late for work.  His biggest problem with police?  When he struck the pole, it snapped off and landed in the back of his pick up truck.  It was still there, camera and all when authorities were questioning him.

Joke du Jour

What is every blonde's ambition in life?
"To be Vanna White on Wheel of Fortune and learn the alphabet."
How does a blonde spell the word 'farm?'
"E I E I O!"
What are the worst six years in blonde's life?
"Third grade!"

Coming Up On Wednesday

Tell us about 'odd stuff you do while driving.'  Plus, we'll chat with the Eli Young Band. They're on tour with Jake Owen and they'll be playing the Bank of NH Pavilion this Thursday.  Get your tickets here.