Admit it, you've done worse with your office copier!

come on, you've done worse

Sunday evenings are pretty quiet around Studio Big, so I thought while "The Big Vault" is playing all the classic country songs, I'd go sneaking around the business office and play. It was pretty difficult to tinker with the calculators because of the no finger thing I have going on, but, I partied in the General Manager's office.  (Wow, does he have nice furniture!)  I stole some leftover pizza and eggnog from the employee kitchen and I think the eggnog was spiked!  There's no other reason why I would make copies of my'elf' on the Xerox machine.  Note to 'elf':  Close your eyes next time...OUCH!  Okay, I'm gonna go find a nice comfy couch to sleep off the nog.  Talk to you soon!