Even though he doesn't officially turn 90 until December, Dick Van Dyke acts and moves like a man half his age.

The legendary television and movie comedian is promoting a new book, "Keep Moving': And Other Tips and Truths About Aging".  He told PEOPLE magazine that he is still singing and tap dancing and working out daily at the gym and avoids acting his age.

Those of us who grew up with his situation comedy(arguably one of the best ever) The Dick Van Dyke Show will never forget how nimble he was doing physical comedy.

He appeared on THE TODAY SHOW and demonstrated his methods for beating the aging process.  Just watching him work out at the gym makes me jealous, I get winded just stepping onto the treadmill.

Dick Van Dyke is featured in a video which went viral with over 2 Million views, check it out.  He knows how to "keep on keepin' on"