Double whammy time kids. I've got info from this morning's Show Biz News and from Stupid News. We'll start with the Stupid News. A chef in Baton Rouge has found God in an eggplant. I know what you're thinking, another weird image that you need to hold sideways under a black light while you're standing on one foot. If you do all that, and you're a believer you'll be able to make out some fuzzy, bearded face.

Nope... Not this time. It's "God", plain as day in an eggplant.

Jemarcus Brady Photo via

Next we move on to this morning's Show Biz News. I know Roy Sullivan posted this already but I couldn't let it get pushed too far down on the page without you seeing it.The first one was so bad, it circled all the way around back to good. Let's hope "Sharknado 2: The Second One" can do the same.