OK, our webmaster and marginally power-mad web editor told me we really should run a retraction about this. I posted this video yesterday about the kid who wanted a Vine Selfie with a train going by in the background. Story seemed to be that the kid was way too close to the tracks (true), the conductor riding lookout on the front of the train saw the kid (also true) and gave him a locomotive-assisted kick to the head (not true).

As this video went viral yesterday there was some clarification involved. While the conductor did see the kid, his intent apparently was not to kick him. A solid steel portion of the train's frame was heading right for this idiot. the conductor quickly put his shoe in front of the metal piece to try and shield the kid.

While it's likely the conductor saved the kid's life, or at the very least prevented serious injury... All this does is change the intent of the train employee's action. It doesn't change the fact that the idiot kid really deserved a kick in the head!