If you listen to the Morning Waking Crew, you know that Mark Ericson is in Washington DC this week on 'official business!'  So, while he's away, here are just a few things I do to amuse myself.

I get to park close to the radio station when Mark is away!

I park in his parking spot!

Hey, thanks for the soda, Mark!

I have a key to his office (that he keeps locked when he's not here)  I use my key and hit his change drawer to get a soda.

2k said Let There Be LIght!

I also get to turn up the lights in the control room.  Mark likes to have it 'dimly lit' during the Big Morning broadcast.


I have friends come into work to hang around so I can goof off!

Yahooo my weekend starts early!!!

And..the best part of all, I get to leave early!  Shhh don't tell him

How do you amuse yourself at work when the boss is away?