The ACM nominations were announced Wednesday morning and we're in there!

This will be our fifth nomination as Broadcast Personalities of the Year from the Academy of Country Music.  As with all national awards, we have won exactly none of them.  But it's nice to be nominated.

We've been nominated in the same category by the CMA folks six times now.  Again, with no actual wins.  Even Susan Lucci won once!

We've been fortunate enough to attend both the CMA and ACM awards ceremonies.  They are both very cool, but very different.  The CMA's are in Nashville and as such, are kind of loose, fun and friendly.  The ACM's are Vegas baby all the way!  Very TV-centric, lots of seat fillers running up and down the aisles and movement allowed only during commercial breaks.  They actually close and lock the doors 30 seconds before they come back from commercials.

If you're Blake Shelton and you were outside the auditorium during the break, you're not getting back in until the next commercial.  I would imagine it's pretty tough to pull the "don't you know who I am" card in Las Vegas anyway.

Both awards shows are big productions and the artist performances are usually great whether they translate well to TV or not.  In house at the venue it's always a great show!

We're thrilled to be nominated and will be amazed if we win!  One other important note... The Bank of NH Pavilion at Meadowbrook was once again nominated as Venue of the Year.  It's a well-deserved nomination and we wish RJ and his crew the best of luck!

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