Thanks to all who came out Saturday night for "Postcards From Heaven" with Maureen Hancock. The floor of the Music Hall in Portsmouth was packed and several folks had the amazing, sometimes eerie experience of communication with a loved one from the other side. Even if you didn't score a reading, it was fun to watch. Maureen is a very funny lady.

My best laugh of the night? Maureen was facilitating communication between a young woman in the audience and her very recently deceased husband. Maureen reluctantly relayed a compliment from the husband to the woman in the audience about how much he likes her boobs. The woman responded with "well he ought to... he paid for them!"

By the way, I'll see you back at the Music Hall in October with comedians Lenny Clarke and Tony V with a benefit for the New Hampshire Police K-9 Academy.

Mark and Maureen photo by Amanda Cahoon


As I promised on Friday, my Sunday was a visit to Comic-Con in Boston. Yes, I'm a bit of a geek. I enjoy pawing through comic books. Mostly to see how much the ones I had as a kid are now going for. Yes, my mother threw them away after I left the house and yes the value would have been well into the thousands.

This event seems to be growing in both size and number of attendees. This year had more exhibitors and a lot more people than last year.

The people are the best part. If you enjoy people-watching then I highly recommend going somewhere that allows people to cast aside their inhibitions and see how they look in a cape... A Star Trek uniform.

By the way, did you know that New Hampshire has its own Ghostbusters? Yup, the Ghostbusters of New Hampshire were on hand at Comic-Con.

Ericson Photo-Ghostbusters of NH

A good time was had by all!