Wednesday on the Big Morning Broadcast, we're talking keychains!

Credit Getty Images

I know it might sound like sort of a weird topic to base a morning show around.  But, I think it will be a great insight into people's personalities.  Especially, if they post pictures of their keychains.  Below, are some examples of the keychains here at the radio station.  You would think for radio peeps, there would be a little more creativity.

The only thing exciting about my keychain is the color handbag it's attached to!
Don Briand's keychain. Ok, he's the News Guy, I'll let him slide on the key creativity!
This is our Promotions Director's keychain. Do you think I should tell him that he doesn't need the Shaw's card anymore?

We're obviously pretty boring!  So, I'm counting on our listeners to share some pretty 'out there' keychains.