In all my years driving, I've NEVER lost a hubcap, until this week.As I walked out of my doctor's office Monday afternoon, I noticed I was missing the hubcap from my right rear tire.  On my way home, I was trying to scan the roads and sidewalks for my missing hubcap, to no avail.  You may remember hearing about the "Great Cow Incident of 2013" at the Rochester Fair.  Yup, it's the same car!  My Toyota Prius has been through alot with me in just a few short months!  And, if that wasn't enough...look closely at the 'hubcap-less' picture.  You'll notice a nice scratch on the body as well.   That was my bad. I backed into a metal rack in my garage.  What do you think will be the next thing that happens to this car?  Jeez, I'm afraid to think about it!

The Great Cow Incident Of 2013 - Rochester Fair